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In this episode,I'm talking to Christine Bailey,a farmer.She and her husband run The Kindred Farm — a certified organic farm — and even though they're relatively new to farming and it's the hardest work they've ever done,she says she's loving every minute of it.She's learning a ton 威廉appabout the ins and outs of this ancient work that's always changing in our modern world,along with how to cultivate community in what they do.She also hosts literal farm-to-table dinner parties on their land,called Kindred Dinners,and it's one of her favorite things to do.

Notes From This Episode:

As you know from last week's episode,this show is now an amalgamation of my two William Hill网球podcasts,The Simple Show and Women's Work.On Tuesdays,you'll get a conversation with a creative woman who does interesting work,and on Thursdays,you'll get a variety: chats with women 威廉appabout non-work stuff,book recommendations,Q&A sessions,lots of chats with people 威廉appabout what's saving their life,and more deep-dives with my co-hosts.

If you're not familiar with what we did over at Women's Work,I think you'll enjoy this: I love to celebrate women who make our world a better place,and these chats are a way to do just that.I especially love talking to the ones we don't always hear form: from artists and entrepreneurs,to scientists,journalists,engineers,coders,and beyond.

If you're a longtime Simple Show listener,I think you're gonna love these conversations.

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